9 Very Strange Things That Can Be Bought in China

9 Very Strange Things That Can Be Bought in China

What if we told you that Chinese culture is entirely different from the West? Yes, if we add that there are literally billions of people living there, in China, you will find strange objects sold all over the country. And even if you are in a big Chinese city, or just in the vicinity of a small village. Strange things, that is, exploded in the brain.

#1 White People

White People

Of course, today you can hire stars in any country, but it's pretty obvious, isn't it? Yes, it will be a great show. Some Chinese businessmen like to hire white-skinned actors to stand next to them on important business meetings and events. But that's not all. They also rent to advertise real estate, because they think white people do more expensive and deeds than they really do land and housing.

#2 Tin Air

Tin Air

You probably did not "go" from the previous information. How about trying tin air? Yes, you heard. Fresh air with no impurities or additional flavors, in a jar, sold for only 5 yuan. But to be fair, it should be noted that the view of air pollution in China is that people like to feel the freshness in their nostrils.

#3 Raw, Nose

Pig Faces

Have you seen the scary movie "Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw 3"? Of course, you already have a picture in front of your eyes, which you may like to see. You often hear the Chinese can eat everything. You can buy any part of its nose even raw on the market.

#4 A Toolkit for Abortions

A Toolkit for Abortions

There is such a thing as a special Chinese online shopping platform, the site "Amazon", where you can find home kits for abortions. Maybe because of some reason about the population because of them, even, sell, or, but we, the people of another civilization, it is not suitable. In China itself, only 4% of adolescent girls have informal abortions, and only 90% of all women have decided to keep the child. But do these sets enable women to save money?

#5 Vending Machines with Live Crabs

Vending Machines with Live Crabs

Don't you love these casual sellers on the street with all kinds of dishes? This large metal machine does not control the crabs and costs $ 3.27 per serving in addition to two bags of crab vinegar and ginger tea. On average, a car sells about 200 meals a day!

#6 Plastic Lover

Plastic Lover

Unlike a real guy, you don't have to feed him. He is always ready to pacify single women in China. These dolls even have a different "age limit" that you can choose the handsome of the Hollywood movie from the terrible Ken. Are you still waiting? Go for it!

#7 Keyrings With Live Animals

Keyrings With Live Animals

So, you always have a pet that you don't take care of? Some street vendors in China sell these "accessories" as the main rings, such as turtles, lizards and fish in small plastic bags.

#8 Goods, Featuring Barack Obama and Kim Jong-Un

Goods, Featuring Barack Obama and Kim Jong-Un

For some reason, this special bromance is becoming popular in China, now they have all kinds of accessories with these two "lovers". They came up with ads, even attracting people in cafes, with, of course, these characters: "When you spend a few drinks, the people of the world will unite."

#9 Black Chicks

Black Chicks

Chicken meat is often used for soup and then fed to mothers after childbirth. Although the origin of blackbirds is known, one thing is confirmed: they have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

Source: Unansea

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