At that Time the School Children Called Me the Cow - Winnie Hurlow

At that time the school children called me the cow - Winnie Hurlow

Winnie Hurlow or Chantel Brown Young is a world-famous model today. She was born in Toronto, Canada. It was on July 27, 1994. No matter how beautiful she looked when she was little, with time white spots started appearing on the skin of this little girl. It didn't take long for these scars that first appeared on one part of her face to spread all over her body. She was exactly four years old then. So, unable to wait any longer, they decided to take her to a doctor. The doctor who examined Chantel that day said that this child had a rare medical condition. In medicine, this skin whitening condition is called 'Vitiligo' or 'White Grave'. After that, no matter how much treatment was given, Chantel's biological parents could not cure this disease.

However, due to this unusual medical condition, her childhood was not so beautiful. Many who saw her mocked her by calling her names animals like cow and zebra. When she didn't understand, she didn't care about those things, but when she understood, Chantel couldn't bear it. She thought this look would fade with time, but unfortunately, it didn't. Because of that, she had to spend her school years, which everyone calls the most beautiful time, a very miserable life. So she had said this about it the other day. "I had no friends at school. I was alone. At least a close friend of mine didn't go. They didn't even take me to play. One day I asked them why they didn't want to be friends with me. Then they told me that they told me not to come near me from their houses because I will get this disease. I really couldn't bear it that day. Came home and cried a lot."

Winnie Hurlow

So both her heart and soul were dragged down by the continuous insults. So she always cried. Meanwhile, she even had to change schools continuously. Not only that, higher education was also avoided. It was said in this way that she even thought of committing suicide on several occasions because of that. "I thought to die, but I changed my mind. Because I wanted to show people who insulted me who I am." So Chantel, who thought like that, finally made a wonderful decision. That is the decision to become a model. But the most important thing is appearance. So for choosing such a profession, she had to face more and more ridicule in front of society. But she had already said that no matter what the obstacles were, she would not turn back. "The best answer I can give to the people who marginalized me is that I become a model.

Winnie Hurlow

However, even if Chantel thought so, she had no idea where to start that journey. That's why she kept posting her photos in different styles on her Instagram page. In the meantime, Tyra Banks, an American TV anchor who sees the photos, calls her. Tell her about the television program held in their country called 'America's Next Top Model 2014'. "I volunteered for it. I was able to reach the final round. I was the first and only Canadian girl to go there. So I became famous. I received invitations from several fashion brands to act as their model." So Chantel, who started her modelling career that way, decided to change her name. After that, she used the name 'Winnie Harlow'. She had said this about it. "Jean Hurlow is an American actress that I loved a lot. I put Harlo at the end of my new name to remember her." So since then, she has not lacked in modelling work. Even famous companies around the world chose her as their brand model. That's why with time she became a famous model.

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