Mother Hen Shelters Her Chicks in the Rain

Mother Hen Shelters Her Chicks in the Rain

Every mother gives birth to her offspring, whether they are human or animal. In addition, every mother loves and takes the same amount of care for her child. Mothers' love is legendary, and they will do anything for their children.

The animal kingdom serves as a living example of how mothers respond to situations right away. You'll feel the love in this heartwarming tale from India. A mother hen was showing her young the love of parents.

A group of young chicks are seen snuggling up to their mother hen in the video. When it rains, the mother bird with feathers covers them with her wings. The wings shield the chicks from the elements. Little ones can hide under an umbrella to stay dry until the rain stops. It serves to keep them warm.

Like many other parents, she didn't care if the rain soaked her feathers. Her top priority was making sure her chicks were cosy, warm, and dry. What a beautiful image!

Mother Hen Shelters Her Chicks
Image Credit: Viral Hog

At a nearby fish market, it was pouring heavily when this was recorded. Everywhere you look, a mother's love is apparent. even when it is raining.

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