The Unique Al Naslaa Rock Formation of Saudi Arabi

The Unique Al Naslaa Rock Formation of Saudi Arabi

These two rocks known as “Al Naslaa” [Al Naslaa] are located 50 kilometers south of Tayma oasis in Saudi Arabia. It is divided into two halves in the middle, both balanced on small foundations. The overall shape of the rock is due to wind erosion over millions of years. This may be due to chemical conditions which may be due to moist conditions on the underside of the stone.

Given the current human imagination, it is doubtful if one would have cut this. Somehow it was split in two as if cut by a knife. The rock is about 6 meters high and 9 meters wide. Its southeastern side is covered with many coal-mixed rocks.

The break is perfectly vertical and centered, evenly divided between the pieces. If it had not been split like this, the stability of the stones would have been reduced and they would have been overturned. It seems more reasonable to think that there is no way this could happen naturally. But creating that cut by humans is not easy. And both rocks are almost the same size.

Did extraterrestrials help us build our early civilizations? Was this done by a giant machine using a laser-like method? If that's the case, this is something we haven't figured out yet since they helped us. That must be a remnant of alien research or something related.

If the stone had split in the middle due to the weight of the stone before it was like this, the upper part of the cut like this would have been wider. Since this has not happened, it does not appear that the stone split due to the effect of gravity.

Al Naslaa Rock Formation of Saudi Arabi

Something said by "Professor late Mr. Stephen Hawking" comes to mind here. He called the "origin of mankind" in the world as if from this kind of random research. When people went to have tea in a big office, a herd of monkeys came there. They destroyed all the typewriters, desks, and chairs in the office.

Meanwhile, only one monkey, using that one typewriter, created a classic work written by an author like "Leo Tolstoy" and copied it from the typewriter. The professor explains the minimum probability of "human origin" in the world.

It is as if it is indirectly read here that if human origin did not happen in the world, it could happen in another way.

The way this rock has been cut is also fantastic evidence that it was covered by sand during such times.

Is this event, extraterrestrials, ..."We were here", silent evidence left for us?

The next time you look at the star patterns in the sky through a telescope, extraterrestrials may be watching you from the other side.

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