The Extinct Dodo Bird from Mauritius

The Extinct Dodo Bird from Mauritius

Many species have become extinct as a result of human activity throughout history. It is still happening today as it was back then. The Pyrenees ibex, Stellar seagull, Tasmanian tiger, quagga, and Dodo are all endangered species.

The aforementioned dodo bird was the first to become extinct. The last sighting of this endemic bird was in 1662. No dodo has been reported in the world in the 359 years since, making it one of the world's most endangered species.

How the Dodo Bird was First Encountered

Holland's naval power was strong by the end of the 16th century. As a result, Holland began to explore the East. In 1598, a group of Dutch sailors set sail for Indonesia. They discovered the beautiful island of Mauritius while on the voyage.

After a group of Portuguese sailors discovered the island about 90 years ago, a group of Dutch sailors decided to explore it.

A Holland ship sailing at sea
A Holland ship sailing at sea (Blogger)

The sailors explored the island and came across many beautiful animals. They'd never seen anything like it before. This wingless bird is only found on Mauritius.

Because of their unusual appearance, Holland sailors mistook these birds for a flock of stupid birds. That is why they were given the name "Dodo." However, before the Dutch sailors discovered the Dodo on Mauritius, a group of Portuguese sailors noticed a group of strange birds near the island of Mauritius. As a result, historians who focused on those records hypothesized that Portuguese sailors discovered the same bird species.

The Appearance of the Bird

The world was not technologically advanced at the time the Dodo was discovered. As a result, the notes written about Dodo by various sailors at the time aided in later understanding of the dodo bird's appearance. The drawings of explorers also provided an overview of the Dodo's appearance.

The Dodo's feathers have been blue, gray, white, and brown. The bird also had short wings but was unable to fly. Dodo also possessed a large bronze-colored beak. An adult bird weighs approximately 50 pounds [50 kg]. Furthermore, the dodo bird had a short tail. The yellow Dodo also had three front toes and one back toe.

Dodo (

Food Eaten

The following foods are thought to have been eaten by dodo birds, according to sailors and explorers. The increased consumption of plant foods, on the other hand, distinguished this bird.

  • Ripe fruits
  • Flower buds and leaves of trees
  • Potatoes and roots of certain plants
  • All types of grass
  • Types of small insects


Dodo birds preferred solitude and only lived in pairs during the breeding season. The males saw the various leaves and twigs form a solid nest as the Dodo laid its eggs. After hatching, both the male and female helped to protect the nest. An unknown dodo was not permitted within 200 meters of the cage. If an unknown dodo enters, it is immediately chased away.

Dodo Animal Painting
Dodo Animal Painting (Think First)

As a result of their low reproductive rate, we can assume that the dodo birds provided extensive protection to their young.

Reasons for Extinction

Dodo birds, which existed without danger in the distant past, became extinct very quickly, less than a century before they were discovered in the world. Historians believe the following factors may have contributed to the extinction of the Dodo.

Hunting for Meat

Between 1598 and 1662, many sailors and explorers visited the island of Mauritius. Those who accompanied them remained on the island for months. Those who remained in that state required food. They went hunting for food there. Unfortunately, the dodo bird was apathetic and could easily become a target for poachers. People's incessant hunting of birds led to their extinction.

Low Fertility Rate

Dodo birds did not produce enough young to become extinct due to their low reproduction rate. Some people also cooked with the eggs from the dodo cages. As a result, many of the Dodo chicks that were about to be born died prematurely. It was also one of the primary causes of the Dodo's extinction.

The Arrival of Various Animals on the Island with Humans

Animals such as dogs and cats arrived on the island of Mauritius alongside human groups. They hunted a variety of animals while on the island. The animals also hunted dodo birds there. Unfortunately, it also resulted in the extinction of the Dodo.

Habitat and Food Shortages

The destruction caused by various human groups on the island of Mauritius has resulted in the extinction of dodo birds. They also became extinct as a result of the food they ate. The loss of habitat and food posed a serious threat to the Dodo's survival. As a result, they vanished from the face of the earth.

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